Everything in the middle

We press every thing we should let go. But hold on to things that’s not tough enough to stand it’s own weight. Consume from the starting feeling. Needing to break away to get to the meat of the trauma. Just to tip toe around heaviness. Can’t see what’s ahead of me. Because of what’s in back of me. When all along I’m right where I need to be.

Never been a lost soul

As I live from day to day I live among lost souls. At this moment I may have lost everything from my home to children. But my soul remains in its free well. Never walking among this world without guidance. As I keep what is my truth. My soul won’t sale out to the other side. As those I use to love which never love me back. My soul was what they try to deprived. But the strength of encouragement come from the God above. Who my soul belongs to


My space is where my soul lives. In my space anything that doesn’t bring vaule. Cannot stay you want find make believe and pretend dreams here. In this space light shines through to, reach the right place. With this space the warmth of love make my space. So much to bigger then you think. Where do I go when I need to get awa. Is to my space to recharge my crystals

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