A Breath of Fresh Air

Every Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

As I take in nature pleasure I can smell the fresh water.

In the air as if I lived in the rain forest. Where the sent of lavadar breeze in the wind.

Fresh pine sent follow the lavandar breeze as the drip of the water hit. The surface of my head and roll down back. It forms beautiful colors once it connect with the earth. Sounds of water rushing down the mountain sooth my spirit. While I inhale and then exhale a breath of fresh air. Which bring life right back into my life. That same fresh air that I breath ,is the same fresh air that was breath into me. For me to breath life with a breath of fresh air.

Published by Natalie Beckman

Big heart warm caring person but at times I seem to forget about me as I share me loving energy with the rest of the world. But through all the mistakes I made I realized it was those mistakes who made me the person I am today

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