The Kiss on the forehead

Every time we spent the night away he would kiss my forehead.

Then slip away into the morning dew. When we meet he would wrap his arms around me and hold me tight. Then he pucker up his soft lips with a kiss on the forehead.

Laying in his arms as we fall asleep under the moon and stars.

He would kiss me on the forehead as a good night.

The kiss on the forehead would put my heart in that love space.

We never got the chance to say I Love you, that kiss on the forehead meant that much to me. I felt complete with that one kiss on my forehead.

Published by Natalie Beckman

Big heart warm caring person but at times I seem to forget about me as I share me loving energy with the rest of the world. But through all the mistakes I made I realized it was those mistakes who made me the person I am today

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