My Words are My Power

Natalie. Beckman

When you hear me speak I might come across as prideful and egotistical.

I would apologize but for what, show me how I’ve wrong you.

Then I won’t have no problem accepting my faults.

Because I already know that I am not prefect by far.  I to feel hurt , pain and alone at times. We all have a purpose in life to do what we was created for to spread wisdom bring back the lost and heal the wounded.

Because creativity is healing to the soul, body and mind.My feeling are express in way I could only see. But allowing the world to have a chance and maybe feel the same way. No worries I am not

expecting you to travel down the same road. I just want you to be move

from the language I relive to you and the world. May  my experience set the 

mark on how we should love , care for one another. No matter who you 

are just know whatever happens in life. It was meant to happen there is no need.

To wonder and see what it is next just set back to enjoy the moment.

Published by Natalie Beckman

Big heart warm caring person but at times I seem to forget about me as I share me loving energy with the rest of the world. But through all the mistakes I made I realized it was those mistakes who made me the person I am today

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