When searching for love you are searching for self.         

       We are living in the world where everybody is consistently following something. Any and everything but themselves we spend thousand of hours. Doing research on different type of material things. Answers to unsolved question, a deeper meaning to history fact. When most of these answers we already have within ourselves. Take a moment and ask your self. Who is this person looking back at me? What is the whole meaning of this life live?r How do I find this discovery of myself when the rest of the world. Is trying to tell me who I am but still not listening. Looking in the mirror I see a person yearning to build. Herself up by researching the history that is within me. The more I dig the deeper i get to that inner core of my spirit. Asking questions for a better understanding help me come closer to me. So as I search for love I am searching for me Published by Google Drive–Report Abuse

Published by Natalie Beckman

Big heart warm caring person but at times I seem to forget about me as I share me loving energy with the rest of the world. But through all the mistakes I made I realized it was those mistakes who made me the person I am today

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